Facial Neuromuscular Retraining (Nov 2019)


Dates: Friday, November 1 – Sunday, November 3, 2019

LocationCommunity Accessible Rehabilitation, 31 Sunpark Plaza SE, Calgary

Instructors: Susan Rankin, PT, Kristin Bell, PT, Pauline Dueck, PT




Registration & Coffee:

Friday, 8:00 to 8:30am

Foundation Course:

1 Day  (Friday 8:30am-5:00pm)

Maximum participants: 9 (only attending the Foundation Course)

Practical Workshop:

2 Days (Saturday, 8:30am-5:00pm and Sunday, 8:30am – 4:30pm)

Maximum participants: 6 (attending both the Foundation Course and Practical Workshop)



The Facial Neuromuscular Retraining Program is designed to teach Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists in the treatment of facial palsy patients. This three-day intensive program is offered in two parts.

Foundation Course

The one-day Foundation Course provides an introduction to assessing, educating and treating peripheral facial palsy patients. Typical diagnoses include Bell’s palsy, Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, vestibular schwannoma, facial nerve schwannoma, cholesteatoma, parotid cancer, congenital facial palsy and trauma.

Practical Workshop

The Foundation Course is a prerequisite to the Practical Workshop. The Workshop is strictly limited to 6 participants, to maximize individual mentoring, thus ensuring a high-quality training experience.

This workshop will help participants acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary to effectively treat peripheral facial paralysis patients. It will provide basic assessment and treatment skills through hands-on experience with patients in a supportive environment with the instructors and their peers. Participants will become familiar with specific facial neuromuscular anatomy and kinesiology as it relates to peripheral facial nerve paralysis. Pertinent diagnoses, assessment, identification and treatment of flaccid paralysis vs. synkinesis will be addressed. Therapists will receive practical training with a variety of actual patients, allowing ample time for each participant to assess, educate and treat a patient and to observe other patients in the process. Workshop participants should be returning to an environment where they will be able to treat facial patients immediately following the course to reinforce learning and maximize the course’s impact.


Program Fees

Foundation (Friday Only): $400

Practical: (Saturday and Sunday) $800

A $200 deposit will be required to secure enrollment.  Due to high demand, a wait list will be created on a first come first served basis in case of cancellations.

Cancellations prior to August 1, 2019 will be refunded the $200 deposit.

No refunds after August 2 , 2019.

The remainder of the fee is due August 31, 2019.

(NOTE: This early date is due to Susan Rankin being away for the whole month of September without access to internet)

Due to the limited number of participants, this workshop will be cancelled if there are insufficient registrations.



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After your attendance has been confirmed, payment can be made to Susan Rankin:

  1. by cheque: made out to Susan Rankin and mailed to 1207 Marsden Court, Burnaby, BC, V5A 3K2
  2. by e-transfer to: rankinphysio@gmail.com (autodeposit, no question /answer needed)


Course Instructors:


Susan Rankin, BScPT, MHSc

Susan Rankin received her BScPT from McGill University and worked for many years in neurological rehabilitation. Following completion of a Master of Health Sciences at McMaster University, she was trained in the techniques of facial neuromuscular retraining at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto in 1986. In 1990, Susan started a private practice in BC, exclusively treating patients with facial palsies. In 1995, she expanded into the area of vestibular rehabilitation. Susan has been active in Continuing Medical education and lectured at the University of Toronto and the University of BC. She was involved with the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada locally, on their Board of Directors and its Medical Advisory board. Susan now treats patients privately at Canopy Integrated Health in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She is determined to have more people trained to treat peripheral facial palsy patients!


Kristin Bell, BScPT

Kristin Bell graduated from the University of Alberta in 1993, with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She has worked in a number of positions in acute care and outpatients, in both urban and rural facilities. She is currently working on the Frail Elderly/ Neurological team at the South Community Accessible Rehabilitation program in Calgary. As part of her varied caseload, she also assesses and treats clients with facial palsies. Kristin received her Facial Neuromuscular Retraining education from Susan Rankin in 2013 and assisted in 2017. Having the opportunity to work with the facial palsy population has been extremely rewarding for Kristin, and she continues to learn and grow her practice with each new client she meets.


Pauline Dueck, BScPT

Pauline Dueck graduated from Queens University in 1984 and worked in a general hospital rotation for the first few years.  She then specialized in out-patient neurological rehabilitation.  Pauline was trained in facial neuromuscular retraining in 1993, and she has incorporated these patients into her neurological caseload since then.  Pauline organized a facial neuromuscular retraining course in Calgary in 2013 and taught in the 2017 workshop. She continues to train more therapists.  Pauline is a member of the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada.