Talk, talk, talk…

presentationsI have had fun connecting with the community in the past few months.

In February, I spoke to the North Vancouver chapter of the Balance and Dizziness Disorders (BADD) group and other interested residents from the area. There was a good turn out and lots of great questions and discussion about balance.

In March, Judy and Susan invited me to speak to their Sure Feet groups collectively at the John Braithwaite Centre in North Vancouver. The presentation was about balance and the vestibular system from a physiotherapist’s point of view. I feel like I was preaching to the converted, however,  as all of those who attended are actively working on their balance by regularly attending the SureFeet classes.

On March 18, 2014 the Audiology department at St. Paul’s Hospital invited me to speak about vestibular rehabilitation. Many of the audiologists have a good foundation in the vestibular system as they perform the vestibular function tests for the Otolaryngologists (ENTs). They were interested to know what physiotherapists do for people with vestibular diagnoses. We had a good discussion about a case and had fun trying some of the visual exercises that physiotherapists often use. I was also pleased to meet Dr. Jane Lea, a Neurotologist at St. Paul’s hospital.

About Susan Rankin

Susan Rankin has been practicing Physiotherapy since 1977. She did her undergraduate work at McGill University and post-graduate study at McMaster University. Susan is a certified Vestibular Therapist as designated by Emory University. In preparation for research on rehabilitation of the facial nerve, she was trained in the techniques of facial retraining by a therapist from Dr. Balliet’s clinic. She has been practicing the technique since 1986.
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