Treatment List

Treatment List

Rankin Physiotherapy provides treatment in two primary areas:

  • Problems related to balance and dizziness (Vestibular Rehabilitation)
  • Problems arising from damage to facial nerves (Facial Retraining)

Vestibular Rehabilitation
Vestibular Rehabilitation involves a series of exercises using eye, head and body movements designed to enhance adaptation of the vestibular system. Graded and staged movements enhance recovery.
Typical conditions treated include diagnoses such as:

Facial Retraining
Facial Retraining is a technique developed by Dr. Richard Balliet at the University of Wisconsin. It involves isolated muscle work, equalizing tone on both sides of the face, mirror, and therapist feedback. It is effective at minimizing dissymmetry while awaiting nerve regeneration and maximizing facial control of those muscles which are re-innervated. Any facial palsy which results from damage to the peripheral facial nerve can benefit from treatment.

Typical conditions treated include diagnoses such as:

Facial palsy resulting from strokes or head injuries do not typically benefit from facial retraining.



Balance and Dizziness Disorders Society (BADD)


Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada


Acoustic Neuroma Association (USA)


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