University of Wisconsin Facial Retraining Clinic

University of Wisconsin Facial Retraining Clinic

The life of a facial neuromuscular retraining therapist is a solitary one since we all work in isolation of each other. We only meet up every 4 years at the International Facial Nerve Symposium. So it was with great pleasure that I visited with Jacqueline Diels in Madison, Wisconsin this month. Jackie is an Occupational Therapist at the University of Wisconsin where she has been treating facial patients in the Facial Retraining Clinic for the past 28 years.

University of Wisconsin Facial Retraining ClinicJackie and I were instructed in the techniques of facial neuromuscular retraining devised by Dr. Balliet and we have long had a desire to see facial patients together. What a treat it was for us to see patients, discuss each case and determine treatments that might work best. We were very similar in our approach but also picked up some tips from each other.

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