Vestibular Competency Certification Course

vestibular competency certification courseI recently attended the Emory University Vestibular Competency Certification course.

It was held for the first time at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

The weather was beautiful but honestly there was little time to enjoy the California climate as the six days were packed with lectures, practicums and testing. The faculty are very experienced and guided us along in our quest for knowledge on this complex area of treatment. I have new tests, new treatments and new energy for this area of practice.

About Susan Rankin

Susan Rankin has been practicing Physiotherapy since 1977. She did her undergraduate work at McGill University and post-graduate study at McMaster University. Susan is a certified Vestibular Therapist as designated by Emory University. In preparation for research on rehabilitation of the facial nerve, she was trained in the techniques of facial retraining by a therapist from Dr. Balliet’s clinic. She has been practicing the technique since 1986.
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